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For an outlay of only $295 + GST you get:

Website Name (known as a Domain Name) Registration and Hosting

  • One registered Website Name of your choice – additional names cost $39.95 + GST p.a.
  • Online hosting for one year

A two page website consisting of - the Front Page. You have the option to present whatever details you like on here but we suggest:

  • a graphic with your company branding, location, contact details and opening hours etc;
  • an overview of your business; and
  • an invitation for them to contact you (maybe including a promotional offer?)
  • a linked Contact Form directed to your e-mail address
The Results
You will be “found” by people searching the internet for your company, club or your products.
And it gets better!

We hope you will quickly appreciate the need to have an online presence and want to grow that presence to include your full range of products and services – it is a very powerful information, communication and marketing tool. So, if you subsequently decide to contract us to create a full website with expanded content, we will offset $75 + GST of the above amount against the cost of the full website.

The Benefits:

  • an online presence
  • a website address to include with other advertising mediums, so providing much more information to interested parties and “in their own time”
  • that professional look
  • website and e-mail addresses on you business cards and promotional material/stationery
  • an e-mail address utilising the website name for you and any departments/staff members you wish – this can considerably benefit your e-mail management
  • a platform to develop your website from when you’re ready for a complete website.

Going Forward:
What we need from you:

We can get your website up and running very quickly. However, we are reliant on receiving the following information from you:

  • Branding (ideally in an electronic format). This might be your logo or letterhead;
  • Content for the front page – as explained above, this is your choice as to what you want to present. You might like to get an idea from what others have done - visit any of www.minxboutique.co.nz, www.vegawanganui.co.nz, www.raceweek.co.nz, www.bean2coffee.co.nz or www.watsonsecurity.co.nz
  • E-mail addresses – once you have your desired website name, e-mails can be sent to designated “departments” at that e-mail address eg. info@yourwebsitename.co.nz; sales@yourwebsitename.co.nz; gabrielle@yourwebsitename.co.nz You can choose up to five and we will direct them to your current mail settings )Please also advise your current e-mail address).

It is easy for us to assume the logic and the explanation behind the process is straightforward and readily understood – we’re the experts! It’s often not - so please do not be backward in coming forward if you do not understand anything or what we need from you.